The heaviest blues band?

Super-heavy original blues rock from Canada.
This ain't your Gramma's blues band.

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The new JDBC CD was released digitally worldwide on February 10, 2018. The single "Long Cold Lonely Winter" is in the VIDEO section of our website. See more in the music section down below. Buy on AMAZON.COM

ANOTHER NEW JDBC CD - "Heavy Effin' Blues (10th Anniversary Reissue)"
- The reissue of JDBC's debut double CD Long Time Comin' / Heavy Effin' Blues includes selected tracks from the original release. See more in the music section down below. Buy on AMAZON.COM

GET READY for JD's next solo release!!
As you know, JD has released a number of solo instrumental blues-rock CD's. Well, he's going into the studio early 2018 to start recording a new solo album with some killer blues players. There's no need to tell you this is going to be some 500 Proof "Hard Blues"... and this time a solo album with vocals ;-)

JD's solo CD - "Lone Blues" released July 23, 2017
Scroll to bottom of this page for the SoundCloud link where you can listen or download the entire CD for FREE. See more in the music section down below.

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The JDBC Story

Screaming leads on a Gibson through a cranked Marshall amp. That's the sound. Blues rock & metal become one... with "the worlds heaviest blues band?"

Guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey David, JD, is well known for fronting the Canadian power-metal group Wicked Angel throughout the eighties and nineties. Wicked Angel toured and recorded extensively for over a decade, while JD was also involved in various blues oriented side-projects. However, it wasn't until 2008 that he devoted his skills full-time to this, his hard blues-rock project, including the role as sole writer for the group. Fresh, unique and one-of-a-kind are just a few words to describe his new power-trio. Heavy enough to hit a home-run with hard rock & metal fans, yet deep enough to cut like a knife, and his power-house rhythm section provides the heavy BLUES CONNECTION.

"My 2008 debut is a double length indie release," states JD. I wanted a decent recording to shop to labels, but also something we could send out to some radio stations and podcasts. I know it's been played in a number of countries now, and the feedback has been great."

JD likes extremely heavy blues, and so he plays it the way he likes it. Influences from other heavy blues-roots rock artists, such as Tony Iommi, Gary Moore and Jimmy Page, and Leslie West are apparent, as well as guys like Mick Box, Alvin Lee, Kossof, Blackmore, the Kings, B.B. & Albert, and others, like Dixon, Wolf, Waters, Hendrix, Trower, Bonamassa, Trout, Hayes, and Erickson. And let's not forget Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer).

"I was always into the blues ad-lib stuff that some of the guitar greats would pull off, usually in their live shows. Iommi, Blackmore, Page, West, and Hendrix come to mind. Though they played these blues tunes night after night, and even on their live records, they'd never play the same thing twice. They just played what they felt. I like to play what I feel, and not do things by the book. Somebody once told me there are rules to follow. I didn't believe it for a second," he says, smiling.

Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION is no ordinary blues band. There's really nothing else like it. While they will satisfy traditional blues fans, they are quite heavy, appealing to rock and metal fans as well, yet with an explosive raw power that's delivered with all the feeling you'd expect from a traditional blues trio. JD's story-telling guitar solos take over where his powerful vocals leave off. Whether it's the blistering "Ballad Of Curtis Joe," the deep "How Blue Can You Get," or the ballsy "Road King," you're left wondering what hit you, and wanting more... lots more!

"It's true, we're unlike anything else you've heard," says JD. While you might hear hard rock groups throw in a blues tune here & there, this is all we do. The BLUES CONNECTION is rather traditional, but then you got me over-top, and that pretty much changes the game."

The BLUES CONNECTION JD speaks so highly of is the rhythm section of Brett Lajoie, a solid hard-hitting drummer who is a blast to watch in action, and Joe "Unkle Joey" Briffa, a creative bassist who can walk circles around the neck and plays with the huge, full sound needed to pull off a trio of this calibre.

Says JD, about his band-mates, "Brett and Unkle Joey provide a powerful backbone for my screaming wah-soaked guitar. The BLUES CONNECTION needs a team that's solid, heavy, and mean... and these guys just get it. While I have worked with and performed live with Brett and Unkle Joey for years, 2018 marks the first studio release with this line-up - the long awaited, much anticipated follow up to JDBC's debut CD Long Time Comin'/Heavy Effin' Blues. And from the first song, Killing Floor, you know it's "Blues My Way."

JDBC's new CD "Blues My Way" - released February 10, 2018 - digital-only.

JD is available for unplugged solo shows. More info HERE.

And check out the JDBC ReverbNation page.


Festivals • Concerts • Events

JDBC is a concert-style blues rock band. If you require multiple
sets of 3 or 4 for your event, an additional band(s) will be required.

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• radio commercial by request
• merchandise when available
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Get yer blues on!

"Long Cold Lonely Winter"
Pre-release from the "Blues My Way" CD
Full CD coming February 10, 2018.

LIVE @ The Dive - w/sg Krazy Kenny Koekstat
"The Thrill Is Gone" - BB King Cover

"Road King" - Live at the DH

SOUND CHECK - from The Loop Complex
"Met Her At A Barbecue" - Rehearsal Version


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Blues doesn't get any heavier.


Heavy blues-rock
from Canada.






DIGITAL ONLY Releases AVAILABLE NOW at all major online music retailers.

New CD, "Blues My Way" released February 10, 2018.
New CD "Heavy Effin' Blues (10th Anniversary Reissue)" released February 10, 2018.

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FREE - JD's Instrumental Solo CD's
~ Heavy Blues Rock ~

These full CD's are studio demos and free to listen and download from the JDBC Soundcloud page.
Click on the links below the CD cover. Note "Lucky 7" is not currently available.

    Lucky 7                                         Hell Babe Blues                                          Lone Blues
Currently Unavailable                           Released 2010                          Released July 23, 2017


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